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DBMulholland & Associates is a value-added consulting partner for small-to-midsize domestic and international businesses.

The firm’s president and CEO, Daniel B. Mulholland, has 38 years of multi-functional business experience. He formed DBMulholland & Associates after serving nine years as president of Mallinckrodt Baker Inc., a global leader in laboratory, microelectronic and biopharmaceutical chemicals.

DBMulholland & Associates offers a value proposition that focuses on three key principles, each providing significant benefits to our clients.

Broad Services. From strategic planning to manufacturing to information systems and more. You’ll find the range of services you’re looking for right here.

Experience. We offer services from established professionals averaging 30 years of on-the-job business experience. We’ll help you define the problem and provide you with proven solutions.

Flexibility. DBMulholland & Associates prides itself on being flexible. We do not require a full-time engagement for a defined period of time. From a single consultant to a small team on a daily, weekly or monthly arrangement, we provide what is most beneficial for you, not us.

We’re customer focused and customer friendly. That’s your best assurance of real value.

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